Top 10 home trends that buyers want in 2016

Healthy, sustainable, and smart home living is in and growing quickly in the minds of consumers as a key factor in a home purchase.  In fact several reports from national home and appliance shows around the county, including the 2016 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and the NAHB’s International Builder Show (IBS), were dominated by topics like the latest trends in health home living and smart home technology.  This goes to show the marketplace is listening to consumers and you should be as well.

If selling your home is on the agenda for 2016, now is the time to start planning the best way to upgrade your home for a quick, highly profitable home sale.  Below are some key areas highlighted across the real estate community that sophisticated home buyers are seeking in a new home for 2016.

  1. New Finishing For Popular Appliances

Matte finishes will slowly replace stainless steel in 2016 and 2017. Don’t worry, they will still blend in with existing appliances such as stainless or black and white, but it will help the homeowner save money by transitioning their appliances over time instead of having to buy everything all at once.

The matte finishes have a bonus, too. They hide fingerprints, smudges and dirt, and they are easier to clean than typical stainless steel finishes.

  1. Corked Flooring

The days of cement flooring are out. It’s too cold and hard on the feet. Cork flooring is making a comeback. It now comes in a variety of colors and is much more comfortable to walk on than traditional wood flooring and ceramic tile.

  1. Circadian Lighting

This year, GE is expected to release its new smart LED bulb that can change the color of the light that’s emitted to sync with the body’s circadian rhythm.

“C by GE” uses Bluetooth connectivity to communicate with your smartphone so you can personalize your color temperature settings throughout the day.

It’s designed to sync with your sleep cycle. You’ll be able to set it to change from energizing white light during the day to a warmer, more relaxing orange glow in the evening.

  1. High Quality H2O

The National Association of Homebuilders’ 2016 New American Home will feature a whole-home water filtration system, and I think that this will be an ongoing trend in new homes.

Clean living is in. For existing homes, this will be a popular feature tacked onto home renovation budgets.

  1. Smart Homes and Efficient Layouts

Efficient, family-friendly layouts and open floorplans with smart home technology are going to be more popular than ever in 2016.

Today’s buyers are looking for homes that are well-designed with more space in central living areas, great flow and clever, built-in storage. And a large percentage of buyers won’t be looking for the huge, 3,000-square-foot properties anymore.

Smaller, smart homes are what tech-savvy buyers want — especially millennial buyers. They are all about respect for the environment, conserving energy and high-tech homes.

  1. Vinyl Flooring & Large Tile Surfaces

Luxury vinyl flooring and larger tile (12 -by-24 inch or 36-by-36 inch as opposed to 12-by-12 inch) will be a huge trend in 2016.

We’ll also see more of the larger 5-by-10 foot tiles in shower surrounds and walls in bathrooms. These larger, smooth surfaces not only have a simple, clean design aesthetic, but they also use less grout, which is difficult to clean and susceptible to mold and mildew.

  1. Multi-Family Home Construction

Millennials and Generation Xers are likely to make up the largest portion of homebuyers in 2016. New developments are now thinking outside of the box by offering a wide variety of amenities such as pet-friendly facilities, observatories, luxury spa services, valet parking and on-site workspaces to appeal to this demographic.Your home is your personal ecosystem. With all of the healthy home products available to consumers right now, it’s possible to live in an environment that is beautiful, sustainable, energy efficient and safe with no sneezing or off-gassing.

We must embrace the progress train or we’ll get run over by it. Sustainable living and smart home technology is here to stay and is just getting bigger and better year after year.

If you have smart home technology or clean living features, make sure your realtor plays them up in the listing, which is your only chance to make a first impression.

There are so many resources out there to help you stay on top of new technology coming to the market. Do your homework before you sit down with your buyers to make their homebuying wish lists.


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