To-Do List for First-Time Buyers {Infographic}

An Easy-to-Follow List for the First-Time Home Buyer


Buying your first home or property can be scary. Questions arise in all forms, from “Is my credit score good enough?” to “How much do I put down?” or “Where do I want to put some roots down?” With over 25 years of experience in the South Florida Real Estate Market, we encounter these questions constantly. To ease your aprehention, we found this great infographic explaining the essentials in an easy-to-follow graphic.




  1. Save, Save, Save
  2. Improve Your Credit Score
  3. Calculate What You Can Afford
  4. Get Mortgage Pre-Approval
  5. Decide Your Must-Have’s
  6. Pick An Experienced, Well-Referrenced Realtor
  7. Go Shopping
  8. Narrow It Down
  9. Make An Offer
  10. Schedule Inspections
  11. Final Walk-Through
  12. Close The Deal & Settle In

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