48 Ways to Speed Up Your Home’s Sale {Infographic}


If you are serious about selling, you likely have a new residence lined up and hope to make the process as simple, quick, and painless as possible.  With the market at an all time high, inventory levels evening out, and demand still above normal you … [Read more...]

Mortgage Documentation Checklist


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A Look At Today’s Home Buyer {Infographic}


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It Pays To Work With A Realtor


Buying or selling your home can be a daunting task, yet many people avoid working with a professional real estate agent for multiple reasons.  However, in a competitive market like South Florida having the assistance of an experienced realtor on call … [Read more...]

2015 Year End Trends: Great Opportunities for First Time Home Buyers in South Florida


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8 Tips for Home Staging Success


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How to Sell Your Property Fast, For the Right Price


  In a market like South Florida you may think getting your home sold quickly and for top dollar is a sure thing.  However, with so much going on right now, buyers not only have options but room to negotiate.  In addition, with such high … [Read more...]